Socialist Unity

We want to unite all people who are serious about creating socialism through our philosophy of community first You have been told that socialism can only be created in some distant future and only after the capitalist system has reached this or that stage or when the proletariat has been organized for this or that... Continue Reading →


Principles of American New Nationalism

The United States was founded upon Capitalist Nationalist ideals and as such the New Nationalism of the current generation must overcome these follies based on the oppression of the working class and the subjugation of minorities. That said we must also preserve elements of the old nationalism that has became ingrained into the American way... Continue Reading →

The Economy

As a movement we purpose the reorganization of the economy into one that will suit the needs of the people free from class oppression and national solidarity. The following is our economic goals.   Income: The income of the worker must come from their share in production in order to bridge the gap between the... Continue Reading →

Liberated Zones

In the 21st century we have documented the proletarian struggle in the United States as a series of failed worker’s uprisings and reforms upon further analysis we can clearly see that the hegemony has pacified the working and impoverished classes as such we must present a third theory of revolution upon the table of socialist... Continue Reading →

Our position on political parties

We encourage all members of the PSFM:A to join a political party with similar political goals as our movement or to form local branch of the PSFM:A to perform service to the people projects and to effect change however if you do this you must still work with ideologically similar parties and organizations as sectarian... Continue Reading →

Ways to help the movement

One thing that we are asked often is how can we help further the goals of PSFM:A as such these are ways that we encourage every member to embark on and to further the creation of the new society.

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